Standard Industry Practices
Our product are dedicated to solve the problem that occur on your company that virtually all the problem and specific treaments in each company has been adopted in our system
User friendly and Easy To use
Our product is easy to use, this is because the system is very user friendly and terminology used in the property company. So it will be easy for user to operating this system.
Unlimited User license
Our product is easy to use, this is because the system is very user friendly any additional number of users will be charged. However, we do not restricted the number of users in our software, any additional users will not be charged

About Us

Genesys Consulting is an information technology services company which focuses on providing complete and comprehensive solution for businesses in the area of Property Management, Real Estate (Developers), Trading & Distribution and Employment & Website Development.

User friendly operating software
Accurate & Transparent Reporting
Trust a proven and reliable solution
Ensure consistency in brand standards


Unlimited User License
Easy To Use
Standard Industry Practice

Our Product

Integrated Property Management System
Integrated Property Management System (property software) adalah sebuah system yang bertujuan untuk ...
Integrated Financial Accounting Management System
Untuk mendapatkan suatu laporan yang keuangan yang baik dan standard sesuai dengan Standar Akuntansi...
Integrated Trading & Distribution
Integrated Trading & Distribution Management System (Trading & Distribution Software) adalah...
Integrated Real Estate Management System
Integrated Real Estate Management System (Real Estate Software) adalah sebuah system yang bertujuan ...
Integrated Payroll Management System
Proses penerimaan karyawan baru, pencatatan karyawan baru dan pembayaran upah / gaji serta pembayara...
Website Development
Perkembangan teknologi dan internet yang sangat pesat saat ini melahirkan peluang besar bagi anda ...

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